10 Ways To Make Your Home More Attractive To Buyers

When inviting buyers into your home, it’s absolutely crucial to present it in its best light. As Developers throughout Prime Central London, here’s how we do it within the market.

1. First impressions First impressions count for everything. Even before they’ve stepped into the property, they can see the windows have been cleaned and the entrance mat is brand new so there’s nothing to be put off when walking through the front door.


2. Attention to detail A spring clean isn’t good enough. Ensuring there is no dust on an ongoing basis is vital. People like touching surfaces and making everything appear to be as new is always beneficial. Their critical eye will inspect room by room and nobody likes looking up at a ceiling full of cobwebs. Moreover, if you can consider working with a luxury interior designer, do so and relieve yourself of the responsibility of profiling buyers.

3. Maintenance It’s always advisable to run a check over all the items that are used frequently. Making sure cupboards, drawers and washing machines are in good order will avoid any thought that the house has been ill looked after. Are all the lights working, perhaps some handles are loose; make sure nothing provides buyers with the opportunity to consider the property in poor condition.

4. Pets Get rid of it, temporarily. Perhaps, send them for a professional clean because a house that smells of pets can be such a turn-off that some won’t be interested whatsoever.

5. Declutter We always dress our properties with timeless interiors with beautiful features that appeal to everyone. Moreover, we allow any buyer to visualise how they can put their own stamp on the home. If it looks busy with too many chairs or an ever present array of family heirlooms, put them away for the time being. Ultimately, you want every room to appear as big as possible.

Buyers are always intrigued as to what’s inside cupboards too, so if they’re full, empty them out and throw away everything not necessary. Demonstrating your home has sufficient storage is decisive. Interior design is more about maximising space rather than lots of furnishings. You never want to detract from the space you have created.

6. Character preservation If you are getting rid of lots of things, remember not to remove all traces of character as splashes of colour and a few well-chosen furnishings can make a property feel stylish and classic.

Whatever made you purchase the property in the first place is an easy place to start when thinking what to keep and what to move around.

7. Bathroom details A nice bath always helps sell a house but simply bring an out-of-date bath up to speed with gleaming white walls whether it’s through a fresh coat of paint or new tiling is a must. The bathroom is the one area of any work that no buyer wants to be involved with. Buyers sometimes want to check the water pressure of the shower so remove any lime scale, it’s an easy job but can make such a difference.

Landmass Bathroom Design

8. Additional space If there is scope to extend and add value in any way by maximising the floor plate of the property, consider how you can present such ideas or even obtain planning permission without the expense of carrying out any structural work.

9. Garden upkeep If you're lucky enough to have a garden that can be maintained, do so as much as you can. It can be the most important room of the house as buyers are always extremely keen to have a low maintenance garden. Cutting back any trees and making it as big as possible along with planting some colourful flowers will bring a smile to any buyer.

Landmass Roof Terrace

At Landmass, we invite private commissions from end users and investors wanting to produce the most prised configuration of their property complimented by timeless interiors and beautiful features. Our in-house design team have an unrivalled imagination that has earned Landmass numerous accolades including Best Interior Designers London.

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